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Episode. 6: Ricky Analog on Risk Management, Mentors, and Pumps


In Episode 6 of The SimCast, we had the opportunity to sit down with Ricky Analog of TrueTraders.net. In this episode, we use one of Ricky’s recent trades in $CEI to discuss the importance of risk management and key technical levels. Pay close attention to how Ricky discusses waiting for the backside of the trade.

Ricky Analog the Mentor

We discuss a range of topics like how Ricky got started and how his early failures taught him to succeed. Mentors were a huge impact on his life. Now, Ricky spends a lot of time mentoring his own students.

Here’s one great quote from the interview that stands out about Ricky’s mindset on losses:

You’re not climbing out of a hole; that’s just where you’re starting from. You can’t win those chips back.

Ricky Analog

Ricky is an expert when it comes to digging for fundamentals and filings on stocks, especially pump and dumps. In fact, he’s got his own YouTube series teaching new traders how to DDIG for these filings. Be sure to check out that series if you are interested in learning how to comb through filings.

Also, be sure to follow Ricky for his Sunday prep on YouTube. He’s always offering up some great free advice and ideas every Sunday. You can find him on Twitter at @RickyAnalog.

Ricky Analog Sunday Prep | TradingSim

SimCast Ep. 6 – Chapters and Topics

  • Intro
  • Background – 3:10
  • Early struggles – 5:30
  • Risk Management – 7:00
  • $CEI – 14:48
  • Pump Cults – 25:30
  • Mentorship – 42:00
  • Outro – 49:10

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