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Episode 5: Oliver Velez the OG: His Story and Success


We’re really excited to share this interview we had with Oliver, known as OV the OG. Oliver Velez is a part of the old guard of Wall Street traders and educators from the 80s and 90s. He shares with us how he got started from the age of 16 after witnessing his father’s success HODLing gold while he was working as a taxi cab entrepreneur.

From there, we get Oliver’s story from his passion with piano to his 6-year struggle to find consistency. Heck, you’ll even get to hear about Oliver the bum! But through the struggles, he found his way on Wall Street and never looked back.

As a founding partner in the Pristine Method, Oliver Velez has contributed a great deal to professional trading education through the decades. He is now focused on empowering new traders through his ifundtraders.com endeavor. Leveraging his own success and focusing heavily on Latin America, he provides trading capital and education to those looking to get ahead in life.

Oliver Velez's Prop Firm
Oliver Velez’s Prop Firm

SimCast Ep. 5 – Oliver Velez Topics and Chapters

  • Intro
  • Taxis, Gold, & Music — 2:00
  • Investment Club — 19:00
  • Early Trials — 23:30
  • Prop Firms — 42:40
  • Pristine — 56:00
  • The Change — 1:17:00
  • Bitcoin — 1:31:45
  • Outr — 1:44:20

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