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Episode 14: Eduardo Briceńo’s $800k Day Trading Secrets


This week’s SimCast episode was a real treat: as good as Venezuelan arepas and taqueńos! We had the pleasure of speaking with Eduardo Briceńo about his journey through adversity, emigrating from Venezuela to the US.

Eduardo’s Background

Eduardo obtained degrees in engineering and finance while in Venezuela. However, due to the unrest in the country, he fled with his wife and unborn child in 2018. While in Venezuela, he began studying and trading the markets, starting with Tim Sykes and others.

After landing in Houston, Eduardo continued his path to mastering the markets by studying other traders like Stephen Dux, JTrader, and Nate Michaud. He also started teaching his fellow Latin Americans how to trade. Eduardo, who goes by edu_trades on Twitter, has a serious following of over 1000 subscribers to his Discord channel, most who come from Latin America.

Briceńos passion for his culture and people is evident, and his style is fast and calculated.

Eduardo Briceńo Trading Style

In this episode, Eduardo shares a handful of trades and explains how he adds liquidity to the market with his trades. This is a great way to cut down on commissions and actually “get paid” to trade.

We also get the backstory on some of his early blowups and how his community rallied behind him to overcome and succeed. Since coming to the US and only making about $1000/month. He has really leveled up his game. You can follow his all-time equity curve on Kinfo:

Eduardo Briceńo's success at time of publication
Eduardo’s success at time of publication

Be sure to follow Eduardo on Twitter or Instagram, as he is always putting out great content. We’re thankful he came on the show.

Chapters and Topics

  • Intro
  • Venezuela to US – 2:05 
  • Early Trading – 9:00
  • Perseverance – 14:23
  • Vision & Process – 21:10
  • Recycling Shares – 26:55
  • Scaling in 2022 – 41:35
  • Outro – 51:00

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