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Episode 12: Karan Khanna: From $800 to $300k in less than 2 years!


Karan Khanna’s Background

We’re always looking for traders who exhibit consistency and an inspiring story to tell. Karan Khanna certainly fits that mold. From his early days in Toronto trying to start an Instacart rival while in college to piling on debt and having to couch surf the US with friends, then finally resting in Brooklyn, Karan has a colorful story in his twenties. Thankfully, he found a great job and a niche as a trader in 2020.

Karan shares with us the details of his journey and how he started studying trading in 2017, thanks to Tim Sykes’s website. After 3 years of study, he started trading seriously in 2020. Although he suffered quite a few setbacks in the beginning, his years of backtesting and fear of taking losses kept him grounded.

By 2021, Karan has grown his account from $800 to almost $300k. Don’t believe it? You can check it on his Kinfo profile:

Karan Khanna's Kinfo Profile as of 12/28/2021
Karan’s Kinfo Profile as of 12/28/2021

Karan Khanna’s Style of Trading

Karan actually employs a long and short style of trading. Primarily, he says, he is a short seller. He picks his trades based on the daily chart and likes to see really overextended charts that he can short. If he is early, he cuts his losses very quickly.

In essence, he is willing to take many cuts before the “big trade” sets up, which usually more than pays for those small cuts. As you can see, his win percentage is only around 43%, so he isn’t really concerned with his paper cuts.

SimCast Ep. 12 Chapters and Topics

  • Intro
  • Karan’s Start – 1:15
  • Couchsurfing – 4:50
  • 2020 – 8:13
  • Karan’s A+ – 14:40
  • SPRT – 22:15
  • Backtesting – 37:30
  • LGVN – 42:00
  • Sizing & Risk – 46:00
  • Outro – 52:52

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