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Episode 11: Coming back from $500k blowup w/ Alex Salfetnikov


Alex Salfetnikov’s Story

Wow. This is one of the most heartbreaking, yet encouraging SimCast’s we’ve done. In this episode, Alex Salfetnikov gives us full disclosure on the biggest loss of his career, plus takes us through the trades and the misfortune of that day. But, the best part is how he’s slowly made his way back.

Alex Salfetnikov Twitter

Alex is a young, successful trader who suffered a debilitating blow-up on November 6, 2020. After reaching the half a million mark in his account (from only $5k), he suffered a nasty after-hours squeeze while holding overnight shorts. He shares with us his lessons on risk management and strategy, and how he bounced back.

You don’t want to miss this story, as it gives a great picture of what it’s like to go all-in and grow your account, only to have a huge setback. But the cool part of this story is the resilience, as Alex shares his determination to bounce back, and the discipline and techniques he’s used to do just that!

SimCast Ep. 11 Chapters and Topics

  • Intro + Background
  • Early Blowups – 3:40
  • Backtesting – 11:50    
  • 2019 Trades – 16:40
  • The Blowup – 31:55
  • Bouncing Back – 43:50
  • 2021 Trades – 51:20
  • 1 Year Later – 1:05:50
  • Outro – 1:11:00

Finding Alex Online

Be sure to reach out to Alex on Twitter: @alexsalfetnikov

Alex is always sharing great trade recaps. Also, he has his own trading room, if you’re interested in learning more about his style!

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