Simple setup. Practice 24/7.

You can practice in the morning, during lunch break, after dinner – or any time that works for you. 100% web-based software – no download needed. The setup is very straightforward – jump in, and that’s it.

TradingSim allows me to replay trades, tick by tick, over and over, to really understand the DNA behind each move. This is not possible when looking at historical static charts”

Nimit Sabharwal

Learn to trade mindfully.

Get your confidence back up.
With no pressure of the market, you can practice mindfully so you keep your cool and make the right decisions when it matters. If a bad day throws you off your game – TradingSim can help you get out of the slump.

Day trading is making me grow as a person. Never in my whole life as a professional I cared about my state of mind. Trading is a different animal. You have to be aware.

Jose G. Rios

Accelerate your learning. Gain experience without losing money.

Test new strategies, replay your trades faster and develop your trading 6th sense. Only TradingSim lets you practice with two years of historical tick data. That means more experience without gambling your capital.

Because of Tradingsim I feel confident to go trade with my own money.

Sharqueze Skinner

Learn to Trade the Top 20 Global Futures Contracts

Learning to trade futures in real-time is like learning neurosurgery by trial and error. Only cool heads and seasoned pros prevail. With TradingSim you can develop a consistently profitable system and hone your trading 6th sense, without risk. Use our advanced replay market platform to gain market mastery faster. We even have Bitcoin!

What It Really Takes – And Doesn’t Take – to Succeed at Futures Trading

High stakes and highly leveraged, futures markets can be irresistible. But factor in low barriers to entry plus high risk and it’s easy to see why many new futures traders are wiped out in short order. Now you can hone your futures trading strategy and rules without risk. Experiment, analyze results and get to know how futures contracts live and breathe with our market replay platform.

Succeed in futures trading with these TradingSim features:

    With TradingSim futures, you will be able to:

    Train off hours without having to pay steep subscription fees to other platforms.

    Access 2 years of REAL historical tick, level 1 and time & sales data for the most actively traded futures contracts, streamed on-demand.

    Replay an entire trading day – just select the futures contract and day you would like to trade and begin placing trades.

    Customize your futures trading experience with over 60 technical indicators and 30 drawing tools.

    Simulate a week of futures trading in less than an hour with advanced fast forwarding. Jump to any time of day or replay the contract in high speed or step thru bar-by-bar.

    Avoid blowing up your futures account by learning how to manage the additional leverage.

    “I am so glad I signed up for TradingSim. I have increased my winning percentage from 42% to over 65%. Once I began practicing on a daily basis, I began to FEEL the market. I plan to continue using TradeSim permanently to become more and more proficient and successful. That means $$$$ in my account..”

    – Jesé Miguel Marais

    What makes TradingSim so different

    TradingSim is the first futures replay platform created solely to help you master the market – not to earn money for a brokerage firm. Made by day traders for day traders, every Tradingsim feature is designed with the single-minded purpose of teaching you to be consistently profitable. And because we know you want to master the market quickly, only TradingSim offers advanced market replay allowing you to replay a week of data in hours. Learn to trade like a pro 7x faster.

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