Only 10% Make it

Let me splash a bit of cold water in your face. For every 10 of you who become a stock trader, only 1 of you will be profitable. This does not mean exceptional, I just mean profitable. The market is one of the hardest beasts to tame. It only allows a select few into the club. So, now that I have managed to offend you, please hear me out before you click away.

TradingSim allows you to practice for free 24/7, 365 days a year before you become a stock trader and risk a dime in the market. Your risk is fixed at our annual subscription rate. These other so-called best online trading sites will dazzle you with free access, but in reality their only mission is to have you fund an account to begin trading. Knowing that only 10% of traders are profitable, why would they do such a thing?

Well it comes down to self-interest; the brokerage firms want you to trade so they can make money on your trading commissions. We, at TradingSim, have elected to build our business on the foundation of helping traders discover their strengths before placing money in the market. So, trade or not, we still want your business.