New Features

We at Tradingsim pride ourselves on constantly adding new features.  Unlike many of our competitors, instead of adding feature upon feature to the site, we assess the usage of each feature.  Instead of just hoarding every feature which creates a very complicated user experience, we only look to keep the most valuable components in our charting application.  This means that over time as we collect feedback from our users, the trading application you see when using Tradingsim has organically been engineered by our users.  That’s why when you use Tradingsim, it’s hard to explain in words why the application feels just right.

Did I also mention all of the features of Tradingsim are offered to you in your subscription.  If you look at other sites there are some features reserved for the VIP clients who pay a little extra each month.  Our clients login to Tradingsim and see new features and enhancements on a regular basis.  We do this not to just create more bells and whistles, but to continuously improve on our site in such a way that it will make you a better trader and that my friend should not cost you more money.