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  • Learn the ropes of day trading in a no-risk environment
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Learn The Ropes Of Trading — Risk-Free

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Practice Trading

Improve your performance by trading real tick data from over 500 trading sessions.

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Experience trading bull, bear, and sideways markets.

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Preserve Capital

Trade in a risk-free environment before hitting the market

“Getting TradingSim was a lifesaver. It made a huge difference. You can access so much data, it creates a whole different level of comfort in what you are doing.”

Nimit Sabharwal -

“Because of TradingSim I feel confident to go trade with my own money.”

Sharqueze Skinner -

“Demo account is nice, but it is very different when you have your money on the line. Now I know exactly how to act in this or that situation - I’ve seen it before on TradingSim”

Jose G. Rios -

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