How to Trade Breakouts (Part 1) Video Tutorial


Breakouts are arguably the most recognizable pattern in trading. But how do you trade breakouts with proper risk? Better yet, how do you day trade this pattern?

In this webinar with our expert day trader Aiman Almansoori, you’ll get an in-depth look at how to trade breakouts successfully. Aiman covers the following:

  1. How to pick stocks for potential breakouts
  2. The best time frames for breakouts
  3. The right indicators to use
  4. Entry Rules
  5. The patterns to watch out for

With each of these criteria, you’ll see a handful of examples to help you visualize and practice these patterns. For example, Aiman will cover the Opening Range Breakout, Engulfing Candles, ABCD patterns, and more!

We hope you enjoy the video and have learned how to day trade breakouts profitably. Please be sure to subscribe and leave feedback for us!