Economics Resource Guide

A wide range of business and economic information is available online. Business owners, investors, and individuals interested in business and economics can find breaking news, advice and analysis online.

Several comprehensive sites are online that offer information about business, banking and finance include:

  • The Federal Reserve:  provides banking information, monetary policy, and federal regulations and agreements.
  • NYSE:  the New York Stock Exchange is the world leader in stock trading information
  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation:  offers alerts, advice, news and banking information.
  • Investopedia:  provides how-to guides, portfolio simulators, and articles.
  •  has tools and advice provided by the federal government.
  • Small Business Administration: provides guides and assistance for small business.

For news and analysis from the academic world, several of the country’s top business schools provide information:

Guides to managing the advertising of a business are available online from Advertising Age, a leader in advertising information including news and trends, and nonprofit groups like the American Association of Advertising Agencies, and the International Advertising Association.

Accounting and tax information can be found at the Internet Public Library, which offers annual reports, accounting standards, and other resources for accounting news and information. The Internal Revenue Service provides links to tax and accounting guides, news and information for individuals as well as small businesses. The International Trade Administration and the United States International Trade Commission also provide useful information.

Many resources offer information and advice about the world of E-commerce including:

Sites that provide news and analysis in financial and business world include:

The world of economics, business and finance can be very complex. Hopefully, these resources will help provide guidance to visitors.

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