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Coin Collecting Resource

The study of coins, and the collecting of coins, is as old as money itself. Some people collect coins for their elegance, beauty, creativity, or rarity, while others collect misprints, ancient coins, or coins based solely on their value. Whatever the collector type, and whatever the coin, numismatists the world over dedicate themselves to the study of coins and currency and many even spend great amounts of money on special coins they wish to add the their collections.

General Coin Collecting Resources

History of Coin Collecting

Types of Collectors

Collection Themes

  • 7 Popular Coin Collecting Themes:  Information on 7 different types of coin collecting themes.

  • Euro Coins Collection:  An informative website about Euro coins and different themes.

Coin Condition and Values

Coin Grading

  • Acronyms Used in Coin Collecting:  A list made to cover the acronyms that are used in collecting coins.

  • Mark's Hobbies:  A price guide from a professional coin grader.

  • Professional Coin Grading Services:  An instructional guide on how and why to have coins graded.

  • Best Coin:  A guide to grading different coins.

  • Grading Guide for Coins:  An informational guide in grading coins.


  • Kass Evans' Ancient Coins Page:  Information on coin and antique dealers.

  • Price Guides and Specialty Dealers:  Resources to US coin price guides and coins for sale.

  • Coin Site Directory:  A resource of ancient coin dealers carrying ancient Roman and Byzantine coins.

Ancient Coins

Miscellaneous Coin Collecting Pages

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