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Classroom Mathematics

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Algebra and geometry have always been staples of high school mathematics, but more students are also taking probability and calculus. Even the best students sometimes need a little help or clarification of difficult math concepts. Fortunately, the Internet provides a lot of resources for homework help. Teachers can also benefit from fresh lesson plan ideas and tools for the classroom. The following sites provide both teachers and students with activities and aids for understanding all kinds of math.


  • Math Exercises: A site with exercises that allows students to check their work with the computer
  • College Algebra: A college algebra site that covers high school algebra under its pre-requisites section
  • Purple Math: Gives explanations, definitions, and examples problems
  • Algebra Class: A website that provides lessons on concepts in algebra
  • The Math Page: An algebra site with sample questions that can be checked on screen
  • AlgeBasics: Algebra video tutorials
  • Video Tutors: Videos featuring individual algebra concepts
  • The History of Algebra: The history of algebra all over the world
  • Fun with Calendars: An algebra game to play
  • Algebra Jeopardy: An algebra Jeopardy game online
  • Index for Algebra: Definitions for math words
  • Alge2Caching: A game for advanced algebra
  • Study Guide for Algebraic Expressions: A guide for evaluating problems and solving order


  • Karl's Calculus Tutor: A site explaining calculus concepts
  • Visual Calculus: A collection of modules in calculus
  • Animated Calculus: Graphics for calculus
  • Calculus Corner: Resources for understanding calculus
  • The Changing Face of Calculus: An article with recommendations students taking calculus in high school
  • Are You Ready for Calculus?: A test that reviews pre-calculus concepts
  • How to Succeed in AP Calculus: Tips on taking a calculus course
  • Special Plane Curves: A visual dictionary of special plane curves



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