Trading 101

Trading 101

Basics of Stock Trading (52 lessons)

Basics of Stock Trading

Considering stock trading but unsure of where to start? Well you can begin by browsing over 30+ posts detailing how to get started in trading. Posts range from how to open a brokerage firm to specific trading strategies with entry levels and profit targets.Stop feeling overwhelmed about the idea of becoming a retail trader. Start gaining the knowledge and understanding of the markets today that can help you become successful.

Day Trading for Beginners (40 lessons)

Day Trading for Beginners

Looking to learn how to day trade as a beginner but are unsure of where to start? Feel free to browse our 30+ posts and videos covering the core foundations of day trading 101. Learn where to find stocks to trade and how to locate the best chart patterns.

How Much to Invest (7 lessons)

How Much to Invest

Intro to Chart Patterns (4 lessons)

Intro to Chart Patterns

Intro to Futures (32 lessons)

Intro to Futures

Intro to Stock Charts (6 lessons)

Intro to Stock Charts

Types of Trades (6 lessons)

Types of Trades