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Technical Analysis

Breadth Indicators (9 lessons)

Breadth Indicators

Learn how you can use market breadth indicators to gauge the health of the overall market. Browse over 7+ posts that can help you determine what strategies you should use for trending and flat markets.

Candlesticks (21 lessons)


Welcome to the Tradingsim Candlesticks category where we have a number of detailed articles covering the Eastern methodology of candlestick trading. Once you have read through our library of articles, please visit Tradingsim.com to use our trading simulator and practice your skills with the #1 Trading Simulator on the web.

Chart Patterns (31 lessons)

Chart Patterns

Welcome to the TradingSim Chart Patterns Category. We have a number of articles that detail various trading chart patterns and how to profit on these repetitive setups. Once you are ready to apply what you have learned about technical analysis patterns, please visit TradingSim.com to test drive our application which uses real historical tick data. There is no credit card required to gain access to our free trial period.

Fibonacci (3 lessons)


Fibonacci and day trading are like soul mates. You may not believe in waves and numbers predicting markets, but I am here to tell you that they matter. Fibonacci is nothing more than retracements and projections of price moves.Learn everything you need to know about Fibonacci in our resource page of free posts and videos.

Indicators (5 lessons)


The indicators category provides a wealth of information regarding technical indicators and how these should be properly used to trade the markets.

Momentum Indicators (16 lessons)

Momentum Indicators

Learn everything you need to know about momentum trading indicators and momentum indicator strategy. See why active traders rely on momentum traders to help navigate volatile markets.

Oscillator Indicators (15 lessons)

Oscillator Indicators

Oscillators are one of the most popular genres of technical indicators. Browse our posts that cover a number of oscillators with detailed trading strategies.

Overlay Indicators (18 lessons)

Overlay Indicators

Point and Figure (2 lessons)

Point and Figure

Trend Indicators (23 lessons)

Trend Indicators

Browse over 18 posts covering trend following indicators. Learn how to trade the market by understanding how to measure its movements in order to gauge future price movements.

Trends (9 lessons)


Volume Indicators (12 lessons)

Volume Indicators

Learn everything you need to know about trading with volume. Browse over 10+ posts detailing the best volume indicators and strategies you can use in the market.