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Day Trading

Awesome Day Trading Strategies (100 lessons)

Awesome Day Trading Strategies

Learn day trading strategies with TradingSim's free resource that has over 80 trading strategies. We cover everything from simple day trading strategies to technical analysis to price action techniques.

Day Trader Salary (6 lessons)

Day Trader Salary

See how much money you can make as a day trader. Whether you are day trading part-time or full-time, you need to know what is realistic in order to properly set your expectations of how much you can make in the trading business. Use our free resource of posts and videos in order to gain a greater understanding of what is possible.

Day Trading Basics (36 lessons)

Day Trading Basics

Learn the day trading basics. See what indicators and times of day you should focus on for profits. See the basics of day trading strategies that work best and the chart patterns with the highest probability of working in your favor.

Day Trading Indicators (47 lessons)

Day Trading Indicators

Welcome to the TradingSim Day Trading Indicators category page. You will find a host of articles that discuss specific technical indicators for day trading and how you can use them to improve your trading results. Once you are ready to apply these skills in the real world, do yourself a favor and take a test drive of our trading simulator. We believe in our product so much, we offer a free trial period with no credit card required to try out the application. Check out our technical indicator index.

Day Trading Money Management (17 lessons)

Day Trading Money Management

Learn all you need to know about managing money will day trading. Did you know you should scale into positions in order to increase profits? These are some of the many topics covered in this resource center on day trading money management.

Day Trading Penny Stocks (8 lessons)

Day Trading Penny Stocks

Day trading penny stocks is not easy. To help traders master the skills required to trade these volatile securities, we created this free resource of posts and videos covering detailed day trading strategies. Learn how to trade these volatile stocks and what it takes to make money in the penny stock trading world.

Day Trading Performance (8 lessons)

Day Trading Performance

Measuring your trading performance is extremely vital to your overall success as a day trader. Just like any other business you have to measure your winners and losers in order to improve. Trading is not gambling. Learn from our free resource page how and what to measure to create an upward sloping equity curve.

Day Trading Platform (13 lessons)

Day Trading Platform

Watch these cool videos on everything you need to know about the Tradingsim day trading platform. See all the key features you would expect to see and more that will help you improve your trading results. Learn why Tradingsim is the most trusted day trading platform helping thousands of traders improve their results through practicing their techniques.

Day Trading Rules (6 lessons)

Day Trading Rules

Show me a day trader without rules and I will show you a day trader that's not making money. While the markets display repeatable patterns on a daily basis, there are never two days the same.Learn from our posts and videos how you can apply rules to your day trading which will help bring consistent profits.

Day Trading Scans (1 lessons)

Day Trading Scans

Day Trading Software (2 lessons)

Day Trading Software

Looking for day trading software? Well check out the day trading software category on Tradingsim where we discuss the technology behind active trading.You actually need less than you think. See how you can get started for less than one thousand dollars.

Day Trading Taxes (1 lessons)

Day Trading Taxes

See how much you will owe in taxes. Things have slightly changed with the Trump tax plan, so learn today before you are smacked in the face with a tax bill.

Day Trading Videos (35 lessons)

Day Trading Videos

Watch over 25 high quality videos that detail how to trade. See which indicators work and the best times of day to trade. Our videos contain high quality motion graphics which make it easy to learn the basic concepts of trading.