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Al Hill is the co-founder of He has 18 years of experience as a trader and product manager.

Al’s Philosophy

Al believes that trading is a journey which requires practice and hard work. While trading gurus can help you identify a trading system, ultimately profitability comes down to having a solid trading plan and proper money management.

Al started Tradingsim back in 2009 with Kunal and has been relentlessly improving the product ever since. Over the years Al has become a firm believer that traders must have a 5 to 7-year horizon to reach their trading goals.

His trading philosophy is centered around using trading to first pay for small expenses such as your cable bill or water bill. After achieving this goal you should move up to paying for your car note and mortgage. This process of paying for things in real-life makes the money real and not just a “video” game for adults.


Al has a B.S. in business management from Hampton University. He has over 18 years of experience trading equities and working as a management consultant and in the finance industry for Fortune 100 companies.

Al also attended the Stanford where he learned design thinking principles which he applies to Tradingsim. These techniques help Tradingsim keep a user-centered perspective when considering future development efforts.


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