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5 Highest Wall Street Bonuses Of the Top Banking CEOs

We recently decided to update this article based on what's been going on at Wells Fargo. If you have not heard, Wells Fargo decided it was a good idea to create fake accounts using real customer data and then charge those same customers fees on these fictitious accounts.

If you think I'm lying, check out this article from CNN that provides detail on the corporate greed.

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Guess what the driver was behind the greed? You guessed it - wall street bonuses.

The past is often an indication of where things will go in the future and you only need to look at what was going on after the entire world knew about the mortgage crisis.

These guys were still paying themselves bonuses after laying off thousands of employees and kicking millions of Americans out of their homes.

While many Americans struggle making ends meet, the guys who were responsible for the risky tactics that started the credit crisis somehow managed to stay wealthy.  Many will say that capitalism has no favorites, but is merely the survival of the fittest; however, at what point does plain old fashioned common sense come into play?  Check out the below infographic to see greed at it's best.

Wall Street Bonuses

Wall Street Bonuses

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