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Ascending Triangle Pattern – Chart Examples and Guidin

What is an Ascending Triangle? An ascending triangle is just that, a triangle that's on the rise. The pattern is a continuation pattern of a bullish eve

TradingSim Has Level 2 Data

TradingSim now has Level 2 Data! This is a huge accomplishment for our company and we know this feature will provide tremendous value to our customers.

Day Trading Journal

A day trading journal is the only part of your trading arsenal required to succeed at active trading.  Your journal contains each trading transaction an

Daily Stock Picks – Proceed with Caution

In this post, I will cover many of the reasons you should think twice before blindly following daily stock picks.For some of you, this may be a hard

Level II Quotes – Learn About Market Depth [Videos]

Level II Quotes The Level II quote window provides data for pending orders in the market. [1]It displays the size of the best bid and offers with th

Backtesting Trading Strategies – Why Manual Is Better

In this post, I will cover why I prefer to manually backtest my trading ideas in excel. I know for some of you, this is a deal-breaker but hear me out be