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The SimCast Episode 3 Part 1: Roman Bogomazov — Wyckoff Educator & Hedge Fund Manager Episode 3 of the SimCast, we had the distinct pleasure of getting to know Roman Bogomazov. Roman is a veteran trader,

Volume Candlesticks – How to Trade with this Powerful Indicator

Volume candlesticks may sound a bit odd at first. After all, most of us are used to seeing price candlesticks separate from volume bars below on a chart.

Trading Psychology – 11 Traits that Separate Winners from Losers

For many, trading can be one of the greatest personal endeavors a person can take in their life.  This is mainly because of how difficult it can be

The SimCast Episode 2: Using the 8/21ema and the RDR with Scott Redler Episode 2 of The Simcast, we had the special honor of speaking with Scott Redler, aka Red Dog. Scott is a regular con

How Oliver Velez Trades the Open Like a Boss: 4 Key Takeaways

How Oliver Velez trades the open is fun to watch. Thankfully, he shares a lot of his trading wisdom for free on YouTube. To that point, one really great

How to Spot a Healthy Pullback Opportunity while Trading Stocks

Pullback opportunities are great for adding to or initiating positions while trading. However, not all pullbacks are created equal. In this post, we'll s