How Do Interest Rate Hikes Impact Interest Rate Futures?

When one talks about interest rate futures, it might seem as if there was just one instrument or a security that deals with interest rates. However, if you look closely, interest rate futures can mean anything. For starters, you have the very short term 30-day Fed funds futures contracts, while on the longer end of the scale are the 30-year1 Read the full article >

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Top 5 Day Trading Podcasts

Day trading podcasts are not everyone's cup of tea. While podcasts might have seen its peak during the height of the iPod era, they are still widely sought after, albeit by a select set of audiences. A podcast brings with it some benefits which other forms of media do not. For starters, if you are on a long commute to1 Read the full article >

Day Trading Indicators

3 Simple Strategies for How to Use the New Highs/Lows Ratio when Day Trading

The new High new Low ratio is a technical indicator that is very simple. It measures the number of securities trading on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) which have hit a 52-week high and counts the number of securities that have hit a 52-week low. The new high and low indicator counts all securities listed, including stocks, preferred stocks,1 Read the full article >


Should you Swing Trade or Day Trade Futures?

Day trading is defined as an approach to trading where the trader opens and closes the trade during the same trading day. Day trading is sometimes referred to also as scalping or intra-day trading. No matter what it is called, day trading doesn't involve keeping positions open overnight, even if it is for a day. Swing trading on the other1 Read the full article >

Day Trading Psychology

The Importance of Mental Health when Day Trading

For most day traders, trading is all about indicators, stock screeners, and economic reports among other factors. Seldom do day traders realize that there are a lot of things in play when it comes to determining a winning and a losing trade. Thankfully though, in most cases, the human mind does an amazing job that it is often unnoticed, unless1 Read the full article >

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What are the Top 3 Trading Certifications for Day Trading?

For those who wish to pursue a career in day trading (or even as an analyst), having a certification is essential when it comes to pursuing or building a formal career as a day trader. There are a number of self-professed day traders, some with very good track records to back their claims as well. However, in a professional environment,1 Read the full article >