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Best ETFs for High Volatility Day Traders

When day trading, many people think of trading penny stocks or the high flyers of the day.Well in this article I am going to discuss the ETFs which I

Day Trading 101 – Review of Best Selling Book

Let me first applaud you for realizing you need proper education and understanding of the markets before attempting to day trade.In this article, I a

Best Stock Trading Books You Should Read – Course Cata

Why Read Books on Trading Trading is no different than any other profession. When you were going to school at any grade level you likely had books that

Ascending Triangle Pattern – Chart Examples and Guidin

What is an Ascending Triangle? An ascending triangle is just that, a triangle that's on the rise. The pattern is a continuation pattern of a bullish eve

TradingSim Has Level 2 Data

TradingSim now has Level 2 Data! This is a huge accomplishment for our company and we know this feature will provide tremendous value to our customers.

Day Trading Journal

A day trading journal is the only part of your trading arsenal required to succeed at active trading.  Your journal contains each trading transaction an