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The Complete Tradingsim Tour (in less than 10 minutes)

Learn everything you need to know about the Tradingsim application. After watching this video, you can start placing trades in a few minutes. Read the full article >

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How to Trade with the Simple Moving Average

Before you dive into the content, check out this video on moving average crossover strategies.  The video is a great precursor to the strategies and more advanced topics detailed in this article. So, what is the simple moving average?  Once you begin to peel back the onion, the simple moving average is anything but simple. This article will cover a1 Read the full article >

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What are the top 7 equities markets for day traders?

This post will look at the top seven equities markets and the top seven stock exchanges based on market capitalization. You'll also learn why equities markets should be on your watch list, and what factors to consider when day trading equities. The Top 7 Equities Markets for Day Traders There are several ways to decide on the best equities markets for1 Read the full article >

Day Trading Strategies

Trading Limits – You Have to Start Thinking about the money

Good traders are known to be masters of risk management. Risk management includes following a detailed trading plan, setting stop and limit orders and managing traders without succumbing to emotions. Good traders also tend to follow a robust trading plan that focuses more on ensuring that the traders do not lose their capital, while the profits are seen as only1 Read the full article >

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Does Max Pain Factor into Day Trading?

In the world of finance and investing, theories are often one of the most widely debated topics. Among a number of such theories, the concept or the theory of Option Pain, also known as Max Pain or Max option pain is well discussed and debated. In fact, the Max Pain theory is one of the most controversial of theories as1 Read the full article >


How does the price of Cotton Futures impact Global Retail Sales

Fashion and clothing is one of the most important industries globally, accounting for a major contribution to the economies. Despite being seen by many as an industry that is frivolous and indulgent, the global clothing and apparel industry is a serious contender nonetheless. Cotton as a commodity is one of the most important raw material that is central to the1 Read the full article >

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