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See How to Trade with Level 1 Market Data

We have all likely seen Level 1 data at some point or another while trading. It's the little window in that widget on your screen that shows where people
Intro to Chart Patterns

Choppy Markets – Best Indicators and Trading Strategie

I think we can agree that choppy markets are a common occurrence in the market. You can see these flat chart patterns in stocks, futures and sometimes ev
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Most Powerful Elliott Wave -3rd Wave Extension

The 3rd wave extension is drawn upon the Elliott wave theory. The Elliott Wave theory is a rather simple and a straight forward theory that was created b
Day Trading Beginners

Learn How to Day Trade Using Pivot Points

Pivot Points Explained Today we will go through the most significant levels in day trading – daily pivot points. When you finish reading this article,
Day Trading Beginners

Illiquid Stocks – 4 Reasons You Should Not Trade Them

Illiquid stocks, as the name suggests pertain to a certain set of stocks that have some common characteristic features. Illiquid stocks are those where t
Day Trading Basics

Day Trading Time Zones – Which Times are Most Profitab

Understanding Specific Time Zones during the Trading Day Having a successful trading career not only depends on the trading system or style that you use

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