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Awesome Oscillator: 4 Day Trading Strategies

What was Bill Williams [1] thinking when he came up with the name awesome oscillator?With names floating around as complex and diverse as moving aver

The SimCast Episode 4 — Roman Bogomazov on Wyckoff Basics Part 2 of our series with Roman Bogomazov, we jumped right into the basics of the Wyckoff Methodology. Roman has stud

5 Minute Charts Explanation and Guide + Three Free Setups

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about 5-minute charts. First, we will touch on the basics of the 5-minute chart. Next, we will

Three Fibonacci Trading Strategies + Infographic & Video Explanation

At times it feels like traders give the Fibonacci trading sequence an almost mystical power. Yet, despite its mysterious accuracy in trading and in natur

The SimCast Ep. 9: Managing Panic Attacks and Anxiety with JTrader from sat down with us in episode 9 to discuss mental and physical health. Panic attacks and

Episodic Pivot / Power Earnings Gap / Buyable Gap Up Explained

Traders know these events by a few different names. Perhaps you've heard of Stockbee and Qullamaggie's Episodic Pivot? Or you've seen @traderstewie refer