Correlation of TSX to the SP500 Futures

The Toronto Composite index or TSX for short is also known as the S&P/TSX composite index. It is a benchmark for the performance of the equity markets in Canada. A composite index is a group of equities clubbed together to provide statistical measure of the market performance over time. The composite index (S&P/TSX) is used to track the overall price1 Read the full article >

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What are the Best Gold ETFs?

Contrary to what Warren Buffett might have to say about gold, the precious metal remains as a much sought after safe haven investment for many and often gains prominence during times of uncertainty, be it financial or geo-political. While the U.S. dollar and Treasuries are also considered to be safe haven assets, gold enjoys the status of being a global1 Read the full article >

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How to Day Trade Using the Gann Square

The trading concepts used by William Delbert Gann or W.D. Gann as he is fondly called is a name in the financial markets that instantly brings intrigue and mystery, not to forget the fact that Gann's concepts of trading are vast in itself. Gann as primarily a trader know for his market forecasting abilities combining a mix of geometry, astrology1 Read the full article >

Day Trading Indicators

5 Key Differences between the Stochastic RSI and Stochastic

Momentum based indicators are one of the most popular tools when it comes to technical analysis. While there are many different momentum based indicators, the RSI and the Stochastics oscillators are two of the most commonly used technical indicators. Both the indicators are used to measure momentum of prices and were developed early on when technical analysis was still evolving.1 Read the full article >

Day Trading Indicators

5 Strategies for Day Trading with the Arnaud Legoux Moving Average

Arnaud Legoux moving average or ALMA for short is a recent addition to the family of moving average technical indicators. Developed by Arnaud Legoux and Dimitrios Kouzis Loukas, the ALMA was created as recently as 2009. Despite being new, the ALMA has quickly caught on to the trading community. The fact that the ALMA is based on the moving average1 Read the full article >


What are the top 10 Liquid Futures Contracts?

While there are many different futures trading contracts, in terms of liquidity and volume not every futures contract looks the same. Liquidity is an important aspect of trading the futures market especially for a day trader. You wouldn't want to end up trading a futures contract where the lack of liquidity leaves you with wide spreads or bad fills on1 Read the full article >