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Edge in Trading: How to Find One When You Don’t Know Where to Start

Finding consistency as a trader isn't easy. Much less, knowing where to get started. You hear it said all the time, "if you want to find longevity as a t

The Simcast Episode 1: Trading Performance Coaching with Créde Sheehy-Kelly this inaugural episode of the SimCast, we had the special honor of interviewing Performance Psychologist Créde Sheeh

The Liquidity Trap: A Short Seller’s 3-day Nightmare

In the sordid world of low float, lower-priced stocks, a lot of what goes on often defies typical volume and price logic. Often, you'll see trading firms

The Golden Cross Explained + Three Easy Strategies

In this article, we'll uncover one of the most important and popular setups using moving averages - the golden cross.We'll provide an explanation of

12 Mental Habits Affecting Trading Performance & What You Can Do

No two traders are alike. That's a fact. And the reason for this isn't tied to the technical skill of every trader. Even with similar trading education,

The Red Dog Reversal: A Powerful Strategy for Day or Swing Trading

The Red Dog Reversal is named, endearingly, after Scott Redler. Red Dog has been his nickname in some circles for years -- perhaps dating back to his bar