How can Tradingsim help you?

TradingSim accelerates the steep learning curve of becoming a consistently profitable trader by allowing you to replay the market as if you were trading live on any day from the last 2 years for stocks and futures– it’s really a trading time machine!


Practice trading hot stocks and futures contracts

Every pilot needs a flight plan. Tradingsim’s Market Movers feature displays the top $ and % gainers/losers refreshed in real time – for over 500 trading sessions. In addition to stocks, our futures platform displays the top 20 contracts to keep you on top of the market action.


Test strategies

Test trading strategies against REAL tick-by-tick data for any stock, futures contract or ETF, streamed on-demand! Experience trading bull, bear & sideways markets. Stop paying third-party data providers, uploading data files, or worse – manually recording data.

Preserve Your Capital

Learning, testing, or fine-tuning trading strategies can become a costly exercise. TradingSim’s Market Replay platform more than pays for itself by allowing you to trade in a risk-free environment.

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Features that make you Money

We have kept the core features that make you money and removed all the unnecessary bells and whistles that don’t.

Easy to use. Really.

Our platform is so easy to use that you will be placing trades within minutes of creating an account without reading lengthy instruction manuals or how-to-guides.

Real stock and futures data

2 years of historical tick, level 1 and time & sales data for over 11,000+ symbols from the Nasdaq, NYSE, AMEX and Futures Markets.


Market Movers feature

Provides you the most active stocks and top futures contracts.  It’s a list of the top percent and dollar movers in the market, up or down, refreshed in real-time.

Full customization

Full customization of your trading experience with over 60 technical indicators and 30 drawing tools. Yes, day traders – we have VWAP.

Replay an entire trading day

Simply select the stock or futures contract and the day you would like to trade and begin placing orders.

Advanced fast forwarding

Simulate a week of trading in less than an hour with advanced fast forwarding. Replay the market in high speed or step thru bar-by-bar.

How We Crush the Competition

Replay Any Trading Day – from the last 2 years!yesyesyes
100% Web-Based Software
(no download needed)
Data provided to you on-demandyesnoyes
Advanced Replay: Bar-by-bar fast forwardingyesnono
Advanced Replay: High-speed fast forwardingyes yesno
Advanced Replay: Jump to any time of dayyesyesyes
Market Movers: View Hot Stocks and Top Futures Contracts For Each Trading Dayyesnono

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“Tradingsim is a great platform for both new and experienced traders who want to improve their skills without risking capital.

The ability to simulate trading even when the market is closed – at any time of the day or night – makes Tradingsim a unique and highly useful tool. We’ve found it especially helpful for those who are unable to practice during normal market hours.”

—Kunal Desai, CEO, BullsOnWallstreet

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Tradingsim for trading coaches/experts

Do you offer coaching services or teach a proven system to help improve traders' bottom line? If yes, see how Tradingsim can quickly customize our platform to meet your every need. We are able to modify the design of Tradingsim to mirror your brand, code your custom indicators/tools and seamlessly integrate everything within your site. To learn more, please fill out the information request form below.


Tradingsim for schools

Are you looking to expose your students to the trading side of the financial markets? If yes, see how Tradingsim can quickly customize our platform to meet your every need. We at Tradingsim provide turn key solutions to mirror the branding of your school, administer accounts and view leader boards of top students. To learn more, please fill out the information request form below.

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